Please support our wonderful sponsors! If you’ve been to a ZipStohr show, you know we appreciate your patronage.  We couldn’t produce these shows without your loyal support.  We’re proud to bring AMAZING TALENT to the Berkshires.  This talent is not inexpensive.  We could not bring you the QUALITY of shows without the generous support of our sponsors.  PLEASE CONSIDER USING THEM WHEN NEEDED.

E WEIDER MECHANICAL- Plumbing & Heating, 413-329-1226

A-MART-  Convenience & Liquor Store, 524 North St. Pittsfield 

ALDAM PRESS- Rite Aid Plaza, South St. Pittsfield 413-443-2800

ONE WEST- in Crowne Plaza- Visit Us Before & After The Show!  Reservations- 413-553-2251

RJ STOHR DIAMONDS & FINE JEWELRY-  NOW LOCATED AT 137 North Street, Crawford Square Pittsfield 413-447-9023